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Zucchini Drive

Goodyear Television Playhouse

HKD 158.00

Label: Hue (Japan)
Genres: Dance/Electronic
Released Date: 17/08/2007
Format: CD

Zucchini Drive are an eclectic electric vocal duo, who found their roots in the winter of 2003 somewhere in between London, Paris and Brussels. What started out as a side project developed quickly into a full-time occupation. Marcus Graap (Stacs of stamina) and Tom De Geeter (Cavemen speak) both kept their influences, being the acoustic lo-f sound of Cavemen speak on the one hand and the electronica bounce rythms of Stacs of stamina on the other. After plenty of touring in Europe and releasing albums independently (first as the world after 4/02, later Gunporn), the Zucchini brothers signed to 2ndrec (Europe) & Hue (Japan) to release the instant classic full length Being Kurtwood (2006). For this album Tom & Marcus could count on an impressive list of producers and guest musicians. Styrofoam, Populous and B.fleishmann from the Morr Music Label, as well as Anticon's finest Alias. On vocals we could find the undisputed Markus Acher (the Notwist), the sharp MC-duo Grand Buffet and fast rapper Bleubird. Italian indie heroes Giardini di Miro added a warm dimension to some tracks. Zucchini Drive was always honoured to play with different artists. The collaborations were as plentiful as they were diverse, showing that Zucchini Drive do not fear to cross borders. A constant search for innovation gives their music a fresh and authentic sound Anyway, while tearing up clubs in Europe & Japan in 2006, the boys started working on their latest full-length. Choosing a different approach again, they limited guest appearances and took time to get more involved in the production-process. They selected a small group of musicians to build their unique sound. Musical wizards as Kaeoflux (6 productions), Radical Face (2songs) or musical collaborators and friends as Mich from Hitch (be), Pol from Galatasaray (be) and last but not least Nomad (be). Goodyear Television Playhouse will sweep you of your feet and take you from hip-hop, to indie-pop and folk to rock journey you won't forget!
Track List
  02Hairstyle Like Hers
  03A Brandnew 39 (Feat. No Surrender)
  05Radical Days (Feat. Radical Face)
  06Moms And Props
  07Villeneuve (Feat. Elissa P.)
  08Over And Done
  09Handclap Handclap (Feat. Nomad)
  10Crimson Targets
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