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The Waterboys

Roam to Roam

HKD 148.00

Label: EMI
Genres: Alternative/Indie
Released Date: 11/08/2008
Format: CD

This Collector's Edition is lavishly packaged in a digi pack housed in a plastic outer slipcase with extensive booklet and sleevenotes written by Mike Scott telling the story of the album. Excerpt from the album's sleevenotes written by Mike Scott... Room To Roam isn't like other Waterboys records. It isn't much like any other record; it is a world unto itself, the product of a unique line-up of musicians, made in an otherworldly location and atmosphere, and subject to a specific set of values. The album was produced and arranged in more democratic fashion than any other Waterboys record. Throughout the album each musician developed his or her own parts, choosing which instrument to play on each song. The selection of material was different, too. As always I had a crop of new songs and these were automatically included but they were complemented by traditional tunes from our floating repertoire. Sometimes they merged, as in the segue of A Man Is In Love and Calliope House, or sometimes a song would be built around a tune: the music of Further Up, Further In was based on a Scottish strathspey called Roche's Favourite; The Wyndy Wyndy Road, on CD2, was a lyric added to another Scottish tune, The Hut On Staffin Island. Several tunes stood alone as tracks. Others snuck in unannounced, like the reel at the end of A Life Of Sundays. Thus the 'tune collecting' contributed heavily to the content of the album. The blending of genres and styles is part of the Room To Roam sound. From the various members came a host of different influences and interests, and these were smelted together in a Celtic fire. Across its six minute span, A Life Of Sundays features rock'n'roll, blues (Noel Bridgeman's 'Same Thing' vocal refrain in verse 3), soul (Anto's baritone sax), African (congas and finger piano in verse 4), psychedelia (Blakey's wild wah wah flute solo), punk or glam (the Johnny Thunders riff on which the guitar solo is based), Irish literature (a sample of Liam O'Flaherty reading from his 1931 book The Ecstasy Of Angus), and no-nonsense trad (the cheery Scottish reel at the close).
Track List
  01In Search Of A Rose   01In Search Of A Rose (full band version)
  02Song From The End Of The World   02My Morag (The Exile's Dream)
  03A Man Is In Love   03A Man Is In Love (alternate version)
  04Bigger Picture   04The Wyndy Wyndy Road
  05Natural Bridge Blues  05Three Ships
  06Something That Is Gone   06Sunny Sailor Boy
  07The Star And The Sea   07Pedal Pusher's Blues (demo version)
  08A Life Of Sundays   08The Wayward Wind
  09Islandman   09Danny Murphy / Florence
  10The Raggle Taggle Gypsy   10The Raggle Taggle Gypsy (live)
  11How Long Will I Love You?   11Custer's Blues (live)
  12Upon The Wind And Waves   12Twa Recruitin� Sergeants (live)
  13Spring Comes To Spiddal   13A Reel And A Stomp In The Kitchen
  14The Trip To Broadford   14Down By The Sally Gardens (with Tomas Mac Eoin)
  15Further Up, Further In  15A Strathspey In The Rain At Dawn
  16Room To Roam  16A Song For The Life
  17The Kings Of Kerry   17The Kings Of Kerry (outdoor version)
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