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29 Minutes From the End 29 ・.跋 (CD+DVD)

HKD 108.00

Label: Lona Records (Hong Kong)
Genres: Chinese Indie
Released Date: 28/03/2011
Condition: New
UPC: Locd02
Format: CD

"One of Hong Kong's leading independent musicians will be celebrating his world-class new album at a revolutionary show at the end of May (2005). He is known as Alok, and his new work 29 Minutes from the End sets his standing in stone – as one of the most remarkable songwriters and creative talents of the Hong Kong band scene. This is a continuation of his former work 31 Minutes to Midnight . The album shows the artist is really coming into his own with an engaging, hypnotic and rocking journey into the consciousness of Hong Kong. Through the work we are introduced to a cast of some of Hong Kong's most inspired musicians. In 29 Minutes from The End no less than five of Hong Kong's most exciting vocalists collaborate on the work. These include the likes of rapper Ghoststyle, Lawwaiyip, Sean@U NiXX and Mable@在草地上 (Joytrendysound)."

香港獨立音樂人Alok的最新作品 29 Minutes from the End是上一張大碟的延續, 隨碟附送100多分鐘(8個MV + 50分鐘獨立電影) 的音樂錄像DVD。29 Minutes from the End將繼續發揮音樂說書人的角色,讓你的視覺及聽覺同時進入 一個傷感故事的迷幻搖滾旅程!這次Alok找來的音樂伙伴都是些有趣的人物,包括Mable@在草地上, Sean@UNiXX, GhostStyle, Lawwaiyip等,各展所長,互補互動。特別值得一提的是MV中負責"Logan'sRun", "Digging my own grave"及"7 years to wait for"的導演乃曾獲香港電影金像奬的最佳美術指導——潘燚森。-

Review & Interview:

由Wahoo到「夜寂31往還」,看到是Alok這位本地獨立樂手在音樂上所出現的重大蛻變——從前者充滿趣味性的電子音樂(跨越Techno、Electro-Pop、Breaks、Hip Hop),而走向後者的自省、落寞、感性而慘白的Shoegazer結他音樂,忽然大家都覺得,這才是他架輕就熟的正確音樂路向。

再從「夜寂31往還」(31 Minutes To Midnight)引伸到他的第三張專輯「29。跋」(29 Minutes From The End),名字上兩者無疑是來得如斯一脈相承,宛如兩張他的姊妹作品。

Shoegazer/Noisenik,Indie-Dance,Post-Punk,電影音樂;迷幻,深潛,浩瀚,內斂,躍動,憂傷。「29。跋」是Alok為我們打造出令人樂而忘返、滿佈情感跌盪的音樂旅程。 by 袁智聰 (Mcb On-Line)

Track List
  01You are always in my prayers (Just Tell Me When You’ve Forgotten Me) 如果上帝祈禱  01Logan's run (feat. Justin) 廿三世紀大逃亡 (盧根跟) (directed by潘燚森) - featuring My Little Air
  02Harsh hash (feat.Lawwaiyip) 核  02Digging my own grave (feat. Sean@UNiXX) 屈 落下 (directed by潘燚森)
  03Digging my own grave (feat. Sean@Unixx) 屈 落下  03Letting me off the happiness (Alok’s 31G) 我冇笑 (directed by domting)
  04Letting me off the happiness 我冇笑  04Blur the shot of the beach 彼岸失焦 (directed by divine)
  05Like an angel, the role model 光明的未來  05We were just leaving in a park 離棄好年華 (directed by domting)
  06窗廉背面 (feat. Mable@在草地上) Shade shades  06Shadow of your soul 暗角邃念 (directed by 關勁松 / axe wong)
  07All the lovebirds are dead silent 死靜愛鳥  077 years to wait for 七載冀待 (directed by潘燚森)
  08Dead poet’s society (feat. Ghost Style) 暴雨驕陽 / 死亡詩社 / 春風化雨  08Remember to forget 憶記以懷忘 (directed by myself)
  09Logan’s run (feat. Justin) 廿三世紀大逃亡 (盧根跟)  09Wahaha – Robotca (Remixes audio)
  10Goodbye  107 years to wait for 七載冀待 - Mike Meguire (Remixes audio)
    11What if we die @ 00:05 若我們死在零時五分 – Sin:ned (Remixes audio)
    12*Bonus features (50分鐘獨立影片50 minutes independent film) 奴婢訓 Slavery Teachings : a short film by Domti
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