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Wilson Tsang

Whale Song (Book + CDR)

HKD 108.00

Label: Lona Records (Hong Kong)
Genres: Chinese Indie
Released Date: 28/03/2011
Condition: New
UPC: Locd54r
Format: CD


Wilson first learned music in his early childhood from his mother. Influence started from early 80's pop sound including rock, electronic and Jazz. Later by chance he was exposed to the more alternative world of music including John Zorn, Tom Waits as well as the disbanded local group The Box, that opened up his ear to a greater music language. For the last 10 years he had been more inclined in exploring sound for media such as theatres and video art until early 2003, with the help of a friend, he released his first solo CD "Stuck in Traffic" and since then he became more focused on making songs and music that he could "play on stage". The 2nd album "Little Cold Red", released with Harbour Records, was a more in-depth collection of such effort. Recently he start shifting his focus back to theatre music to discover the possiblities and roles of music, particularly as a minimalistic expession as well as story-teller.


Whale song is no song. Neither is it about any whale exactly.

It is somewhat an attempt to explore the essence of sound (and luckily, music) while to express it as a language in its own right. Its a record of filtered-down memories, fantasies, nightmares or dreams which are usually forgotten upon awakening. It's the glass shoe that awaits silently in the shadowy corner – invisible, fragile, and desperate. The title, however, takes shape upon seeing a video footage of a Japanese fisherman absent-mindedly butchering a little helpless dolphin with knife.

There is not one single word in the entire album but waves of noise and occasionally pale notes of a piano composing some broken chords or melodies. It is a projection with extreme expressions and obscure cinematic intension – a non-linear journey containing lonely sadness, endurance, chaos, joy and peace,

It's a missing piece, and it's a minor key...

A little match will burn

a little rain will drown

To try to understand humanity

through the long dark tunnel

This is my Whale song

Brief introduction on the CD book:

A limited edition of black and white 48-page booklet containing words, photo artworks and drawings by the artist, each individually numbered.

Whale Song是Wilson Tsang(曾永曦)的第三張個人大碟,脫離了以往以歌曲為主導的一貫作風,取而代之的是單純對聲音及音樂本質的探索和記錄.

碟內所營造的是一個個似是而非的時空,沒有固定的投射對象,隱隱約約訴說著一些零碎而又彼此牽連像故事般的段落: 是真實的空想,或是飄渺的現實;是漫長無邊的回望,又或是瞬間即逝的意念?還是由聽者自由演譯及想像.

大碟名字的靈感源自鯨魚所發出獨有複習多變而又原始的聲音. Whale Song蘊藏著的大多是比較抽象的音樂.實驗,隨意及即興.與之而來的情感表達亦為極端:時而沈靜簡約,時而狂亂粗糙,時而蒼白細緻,時而哀傷沈溺.所描繪就像是一個在冰冷海洋中心飄流的日記,尋找及等待任何可見的彼岸.

除唱片本身,Whale Song亦是一本圖象敍事文本,以作為一個音樂以外的伸延閱讀和空間.

Track List
  03Still night
  04Blue hides
  06Ho humming
  07Scope of delight
  08Hazy mirror
  09Smoke vent
  10Spinning top
  11Out of plight
  12All that ever was
  13Humpty, you
  14Opposite shore
  15Smell of breeze
  16Dear child
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