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Toro Y Moi

Outer Peace

HKD 130.00

Label: Carpark Records
Genres: Alternative/Indie
Released Date: 25/01/2019
Condition: New
UPC: 0677517013122
Format: CD

Shortly after the release of his 2015 record What For?, Toro Y Moi (also known as Chaz Bear) packed up his belongings, leaving the comfort of his Oakland base for the relative solitude of Portland to write Boo Boo. Apart from the familiarity of his surroundings, Bear focused on what would become his next sonic statement. In doing so, he was struck by the reign that technology holds over our day to day lives and its ability to obscure the consumption of creativity. His change of envi- ronment resulted in freedom from disturbances and, in those quiet and tranquil spaces, the creation of music acted as a protest in favor of peace. Having now moved back to Oakland, Bear's new record Outer Peace is a response to the lessons gleaned while making Boo Boo - a response to the expendable state of art that is a product of instant grati cation. Bear's ingenuity reveals a multifaceted expression of his universe on this record. It's the space be- tween the accessible and unconventional where he invites us to experience Outer Peace, which is rooted in nding peace in antithetical conditions: being stuck in traf c, hustling for your next check as a freelancer and all other chaotic moments in life that require digging beneath the surface to nd solace.
Track List
  02Ordinary Pleasure
  03Laws of the Universe
  04Miss Me (Feat. ABRA)
  05New House
  06Baby Drive It Down
  08Who Am I
  09Monte Carlo (Feat. WET)
  1050-50 (Feat. Instupendo)
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