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Nils Frahm

All Encores

HKD 340.00

Label: Erased Tapes
Genres: Classical/Neo Classical
Released Date: 25/05/2020
Condition: New
UPC: 3700551783014
Format: Vinyl

In celebration of the fifth Piano Day on 28th March 2020, Nils Frahm brings us his acclaimed All Encores album on 3LP vinyl. Originally releases in October 2019 and then only available as a CD and digital download, All Encores encompassed the three Encores EPs as one full length, featuring 80 minutes of music, following his masterful 2018 album 'All Melody'.

Whilst Encores 1 focused on an acoustic pallet of sounds with solo piano and harmonium at the core, and Encores 2 explored more ambient landscapes, now Encores 3 sees Nils expand on the percussive and electronic elements in his work.

“The idea behind All Encores is one we had from before All Melody; to separate releases each with their own distinct musical style and theme, perhaps even as a triple album. But All Melody became larger than itself and took over any initial concepts. I think the idea of All Encores is like musical islands that compliment All Melody.”

Moulded during 'All Melody' but refined by his live performances, All Encores is testament to Nils’ exceptional ability to craft his art on stage. Artificially Intelligent which showcases his ‘mad professor’ organ, and All Armed which has been a live favourite for some time, appearing on set lists since 2015, are now available to hear on record for the very first time. The final track of Encores 3, as well as the whole series, Amirador, perhaps aptly nods to the Spanish word for ‘lookout’ and hints at what’s to come.

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